Slow and steady

Today is day 174.  The rapid-fire pace of life-changing epiphanies I found myself experiencing during the first few months of sobriety have slowed, and I’m in a pretty good groove.  Daily life without booze is pretty automatic now.  I still have bouts with transient cravings, especially right before my TOM.  I tend to get really irritable and/or weepy and neither of those things is comfortable.  On a scale from 1 to 10, the cravings are usually a 2 or a 3, though. Nothing I can’t deal with.  Being sober is still awesome!  I’m anticipating that the warmer weather of spring is going to bring a fresh round of temptation, but I’ll be ready.   Spring in the  South doesn’t come on slowly, it explodes like a  firecracker. I’m looking forward to more outdoor time and green grass,  the explosion of flowers and pollen dust everywhere!  I love spring here!  I used to love to celebrate those first “patio” days of spring with a cocktail, but instead, I’ll come up with something tasty to enjoy without the booze –  something sugary and frozen.   I’ll sit on my patio, breathe in the fresh air of spring and feel thankful!

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One Response to Slow and steady

  1. Pamela says:

    Ahh.the south..grew up down there and always loved spring there. Going south for a visit in May and it will be green and beautiful I m sure. Congrats on your length of sobriety! It all becomes easier when the constant head chatter goes away about drinking..but having said that it would be all too easy to grab a bottle of wine..2 things keep me from that choice: how crappy I would feel the next day and having to start all over. If everyone could know how good 3 months plus of sobriety feels they wouldn’t want to go back there…as for your drinks…the hot south and cold beer go together but that can be replaced with iced tea and other frozen drinks…good luck with it!


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