Women, emotion and self-medication

Interesting article on CNN today:


Here’s an excerpt:

Women are naturally moody. Our moods change, and this emotional fluidity helps us to be adaptable and resilient. We are dynamic and responsive to our environment. There is a biological advantage to this sensitivity; we need to know what our nonverbal babies need, what our mates are thinking and to sense danger in our surroundings.

Moodiness — being sensitive, caring deeply and occasionally being acutely dissatisfied — is actually a natural source of power. It helps to ensure not only our survival, but that of our offspring. Women’s emotionality is a sign of health, not disease, and it is our single biggest psychological asset.

Yet many of us are being convinced to medicate it away. The pharmaceutical industry spends billions in payments to physicians and direct to consumer advertising. Nine out of 10 pharmaceutical companies spend less on research and development than marketing.Steady doses of antidepressant advertising aimed at women advance the question from “Should I take an antidepressant?” to “Which one should I take?”


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One Response to Women, emotion and self-medication

  1. ainsobriety says:

    It is hard to get past the pressure to do it all. People are tired, over worked, and lonely.


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